Richard leads the way at Loch Insch

RICHARD Ovington from Insch showed the way this week, at Loch Insch Fishery.

Wednesday, 16th January 2013, 2:00 pm

Within five hours he had netted 21 rainbows using a Blob and pink Buzzers. Amongst these he returned a nice 5lb plus rainbow and kept two for 5 3/4lbs.

Fish were being found not too far down as Jonathan Petrie from Aberdeen found, when he took three of his 18 fish on dry flies.

Graham Reid from Aberdeen had a great day, netting 15, using a black Buzzer, Kevin Mould from Forres, returned nine while son Mike, over from Munich, released three, both using various flies.

R. Shearer from Stonehaven kept a lovely 3lb fish, whilst returning a further seven, all taken on a Bloodworm.

Peter Rolinson enjoyed his five hours by returning six which fell to an Okay Dokay and white WSW.

Sandy Linton from Bucksburn, kept two for 5lbs 10oz from his bag, which were taken on a Sunburst Damsel.