Sunny Outlook at Lochter

AT long last the much promised heat wave has arrived but as the school holidays have also begun the chances are that the rain will return.

Weekend anglers at Lochter Fishery certainly enjoyed the sunshine and did manage to catch a fair few fish into the bargain.

The Civil Service anglers topped up their tans and Lyall Wilson grassed eight, Jim Eddie ten and Ivor McBain eight, the latter on his home tied special the Frugals Fancy.

Traditional flies particularly the Black Pennel have been doing well but during the height of the day anglers have had to go down in the water to keep the takes coming. The deeper water of the Muckle Troot loch provided the ideal location at these times with slowly retrieved Fritz Lures that certainly worked. Bill Clark, up from Edinburgh, had nine fish on a White Fritz over what was the lunch break for his fellow anglers.

There have been big Buzzer Hatches at certain times during the week and anglers who switched quickly on to these small but deadly flies had plenty of action. Ian Syme from Glamis tempted ten and Tom Teil from Aberdeen had six including one beautiful double and another nice fish at 5lbs.

Small Nymphs also scored well. Kazza Gillies had eight on Diawl Bachs and his fishing buddy, Pete the Feet, four on the same fly. Olives and Nymphs worked for Dave Simpson who had 11 and W Whyte who netted eight. Dries also had their moments, particularly in the evenings when the sun slipped away.

It certainly has been most pleasant to be out on the water side with swallows swooping over the lochs, picking off flies as they hatched, and broods of ducklings all around with the ospreys hanging in the wind looking for their next free meal.

In addition the fishing has been good. What more could you ask for.?