Wet conditions for Grampian Karting Club championships

The fifth round of the GKC club championships and the second and final round of the Northern Challenge were contested in wet conditions. The first round had taken two weeks earlier at Golspie

Monday, 29th October 2012, 4:00 am

The GKC Team Trophy was the feature trophy of the day.

Result: Cadets 1st – Ben Patience (North Kessock) 2nd – Robbie Souter (Dyce) 3rd – Craig Mann (Aberdeen) Novice – Jonathan Edwards (Cornhill)Mini Max 1st – Sam McKenzie (Durris) 2nd – Jack Gordon (Whitecairns) 3rd – Shaun Davidson (Longside)

Junior Max 1st – Michael Ogilvie (Stonehaven) 2nd – Jack Simpson (Fraserburgh) 3rd – Neil Maclennan (Tore) Novice – Lucy Grant (Perth)

Senior Max 1st – Frazer Huntley (Mintlaw) 2nd – Greg Simpson (Strichen) 3rd – Ryan Tod (New Byth)

ICC (Gearbox) 1st – Rory MacLennan (Tore) 2nd – Cliff Harper (Ellon) 3rd – Gordon Hawton (Peterhead)

Team Trophy – Frazer Huntley, Jonathan Edwards, Michael Christie, Shaun Davidson

Northern Challenge Championship Results: Honda Cadets Champion – Robbie Souter (Dyce), Runner-up – Ben Patience (North Kessock)Third – Craig Mann (Aberdeen)Rookie – Robbie Souter (Dyce)

Mini Max Champion – Sam McKenzie (Durris), Runner-up – Michael McPherson (Tore) Third – Shaun Davidson (Longside) Rookie – Shaun Davidson (Longside)

Junior Max Champion – Neil Maclennan (Tore), Runner-up – Jack Simpson (Fraserburgh) Third – Paul MacDonald (Evanton) Rookie – Lucy Grant (Perth)

Senior Max Champion – Ryan Tod (New Byth), Runner-up – Frazer Huntley (Mintlaw), Third – Greg Simpson (Longside)

ICC (Gearbox) Champion – Cliff Harper (Ellon), Runner-up – Michael Christie (Banff) Third – Rory MacLennan (Tore)

Best GKC Driver – Robbie Souter

Best NSKC Driver – Neil MacLennan

Finals :

Race Reports

Honda Cadets: Ben Patience led from the lights from Robbie Souter. Souter took the lead at Shirlaw’s on the second lap. These two were nose to tail and Patience slipped back in front on the seventh tour. Souter tried a launch at the chequered flag but Patience won by a tenth of a second. Craig Mann was had a lonely race for third but was ahead of Max Stancliffe and Jonathan Edwards.

Mini Max: Jack Gordon got the best start but drifted wide at Seafield to allow Sam McKenzie through. The race became spread-out with Sam McKenzie taking the victory. Gordon came home second ahead of Shaun Davidson, James Wood and Michael McPherson.

Junior Max: Neil MacLennan led away from the lights but was on the grass Moravian bend and the pack charged past and he joined at the back. At the end of the first lap the order was Jack Simpson, Michael Ogilvie, Ross Shearer, Scott Beattie and Connor Wilson. In the tricky conditions Ogilvie made his move on lap seven at gate corner to take the lead. Opening a gap Ogilvie went on to take his maiden victory by half a second over Simpson. Meanwhile MacLennan was working his way though the field and took Shearer on the last lap to claim third. Shearer was fourth by four hundreds ahead of Wilson who had started well down the field. Scott Beattie was sixth ahead of Elliot McIntosh and Liam Souter.

The next meeting at Grampian Kart Club and last of the year will be on Sunday, November 11.