New business manager to put museum at top

BUSINESS MANAGER: Gary Campbell looks to the future with the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.
BUSINESS MANAGER: Gary Campbell looks to the future with the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Business manager Gary Campbell took up his position at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses earlier in the year, and has wasted no time in getting to work to increase the profile of the tourist attraction since its opening on April 1.

He said that he had applied for the Fraserburgh post believing he was “at that stage in my career, where I’ve done a lot of jobs, and it seemed to be ideal opportunity to make a difference”.

“When you get that opportunity to move to somewhere like Fraserburgh, all the better.”

Mr Campbell has proved to be ideally suited for the job, with a history in both tourism and heritage, both with Northumberland County Council and English Heritage. The business manager added that, as part of accepting the job, he has set up home in Fraserburgh, commenting that the role is such that it needs “that kind of commitment”.

He and his team at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses are now focusing on driving the attraction forward into its 225th anniversary. Most recently, the team at Fraserburgh took part in a Diamond Jubilee celebration, lighting a torch as part of a national chain of lights to commemorate the event and lightning Kinnaird Head Lighthouse for the first time in several years.

“The Broch has a lot going for it,” said Mr Campbell, adding “People need to be proud of what they’ve got.

“As a Lighthouse Museum, we need to face outwards and involve the community.

“There were 80 people on tours of the museum (as part of the Jubilee celebration) and we could have filled that five times over with the response we got.”

Mr Campbell also spoke of the museum’s good relationship with Fraserburgh Heritage Centre and Banff and Buchan College.

“Every bit of support we get from people coming in all goes into the Lighthouse staying open,” he said.“We have keen new staff who really understand what we need to achieve to stay open.”