‘What we wouldn’t do for Scotland’ - new book launches at Garioch Heritage Centre.

Arran Johnston launches his new book.
Arran Johnston launches his new book.

Arran Johnston from The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry will once again be visiting the Garioch Heritage Centre to give a presentation and launch his new book ‘What we wouldn’t do for Scotland’.

This is an important and fascinating new book based on the tapestry. Arran Johnston has been involved both as a stitcher for the Diaspora Tapestry and as Lead Manager for myriad exhibitions since 2014. And all the while he was undertaking participant research and analysis of the ‘celebrity’ phenomenon that tapestry was become. Now with over 250,000 visitors and 44 exhibitions to its credit, he’s penned this new book giving intriguing insights in what Scotland’s diaspora seemingly means today for those who stitched across 34 countries to create the 304 panels. He’s drawn some surprising conclusions and using the tales from the panels themselves gives a unique and extraordinary new perspective. And Yes, he does have an answer to share: this was/ is what ‘they’ would do, and do again, for ‘their’ Scotland!

The talk follows on from Arran’s successful presentation to celebrate the opening of the exhibition at the Garioch Heritage Centre on July 17 and is sure to be an evening of information and insight into this prestigious event.

The talk will take place on Wednesday, August 22 at 7pm in the Meeting Room at Garioch Heritage Centre and entry will be £2.50 for members of Garioch Heritage Society and £3 for non-members.