Orchestra marks ten years of music-making

Inverurie Orchestra rehearsing at St Mary's Kirk
Inverurie Orchestra rehearsing at St Mary's Kirk

A special anniversary concert will be held later this month to mark ten years of Inverurie Orchestra.

The Orchestra was founded back in 2007 by Jeanette Barclay of Morgan’s Music (now Rose Lane Arts and Music).

Around 30 people turned up at a public meeting and many of them have been turning up ever since as the Orchestra has developed into the vigorous and adventurous organisation it is today.

Membership is now over 40 strong with regular support players on tap for larger concerts.

Players have come and gone over the years but a backbone of founder members ensured the orchestra’s future.

Dr Paul Tierney has been musical director and conductor for this whole period and is largely responsible for enabling the musical advances that have taken place, with his insistence on playing music that challenges the orchestra.

He has brought performances to Inverurie that would not have been heard otherwise.

The tenth anniversary concert will be held on Saturday, June 17 at 7.30pm in Inverurie Town Hall.

Tickets are available at Rose Lane Arts and Music,