VIDEO: Daredevil circus stunt performed for first time in Scotland

The Lucius Troupe performing the Globe of Death. Pic: SWNS
The Lucius Troupe performing the Globe of Death. Pic: SWNS

The ever popular Zippos Circus is back in Scotland this summer to entertain families at venues across the country.

And this stunning video shows one of the amazing acts audiences can look forward to - a terrifying daredevil stunt aptly named the Globe of Death.

The stunt is part of Zippos Circus’ new production ‘Jigit’.

Acrobatic Cossacks are coming to the UK for the first time in 30 years and, with the appearance of Khadikov Jigit Riders from Kazakhstan, will blow people away with their insane tricks.

Zippos’ 21st Century ‘Jigits’ - on motorbikes not horses - are the Brazilian daredevils in the Globe of Death – the legendary Lucius Troupe.

With their astonishing, break-neck speed loop-the-loop motorbike performance, they are keeping the spirit of Jigitovka alive and well.

They will ride five motorbikes inside the Globe of Death - the first time this has ever been performed in the UK.

Zippos Circus will be appearing at the following venues during the summer:

June 27-July 2 - Falkirk Community Stadium, Falkirk

July 4-9 - Auction Mart, The Thainstone Centre, Inverurie

July 10-12 - Banff Links, Banff

July 14-16 - West Links, Peterhead

July 24-26 - Baird Park, Stonehaven

July 28-30 - Woodhead Park, Kirkintilloch

August 1-7 - Bellahouston Park, Glasgow